Experts & Partners

In pursuing our objective of excellence, at M & BD Consulting we surround ourselves with people who share the same values and goals. You will find below a presentation of some of our experts and partners.


Elvis Gonzalez

Business Development, Strategy & Management 

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Grégoire Penonne.jpg

Grégoire Pennone

Corporate Governance & Management

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Michael Neubert

International & Intercultural Management

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Jean-Jacques Suter

Business Development & Leadership

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Marie-Laure Ferretti

Human Resources - Senior Outplacement & Career Transition Consultant

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Rosalba Mele

Marketing & Brand Management

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Michel sintes.jpg

Michel Sintes

Innovation & Management

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Eric Balossier

Strategy & Technology Management

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Gilbert Bieri

Business Development & Governance

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BaccalePierre.pngPierre Baccale Ramonatxo

Expérience Client & Digitalisation

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M & BD Consulting selects consultants, experts and partners carefully in order to deliver excellence in every service to each client.