Michel_Sintes_1.pngMichel Sintes

Innovation Management

Design engineer of watch movement, co-inventor of the Daytona Rolex chronograph, project chief, Michel Sintes occupied various functions in the company, from the design to the organization of projects, as well as facilitation of team building innovation and of training in manufacturing quality.

Business consultants, facilitator and trainer, Michel has developed multiple projects and competences in the health coaching field (naturopath and coach). He created university and company’s trainings in Gestalt Therapy and creativity, in communication and management.

He has designed an original and pragmatic approach to the emotional intelligence and the creative solving of conflicts with the emotional compass.

Founder of the firm Vision Passion Action in Geneva and speaker on these themes, Michel is the creator of the Eco Business Management ®, a support process to excellence based on human being’s functioning, its adaptation and its strategy to face the competition and the environment.

Co-author of “L’innovation à l’ère des réseaux” (collective work) Hermes Sciences Publishing, Londres, 2004,

Co-author of the book “l’art de développer son réseau relationnel” Jouvence editions

Michel Sintes speaks in the companies and universities in Switzerland, France and Africa.

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