New Technologies

Characterized by rapid and constant change, this sector presents growth opportunities. Continuous adjustments and an efficient strategy are essential



Modernization of the sector naturally leads to the implementation of effective marketing and an operating structure that is as flexible as possible


Industrial Products

The industry has a low growth. Although each company is different, the environment requires them to develop new competitive advantages and key competencies


Luxury Products

Sector heavily driven by trends, credibility deeply depends on their image. For this reason, marketing is often the cornerstone of the domestic or global strategy


Educating and Training

This industry has undergone major changes in recent years and has seen the emergence of new players. A good positioning is the starting point


Tourism, Travel and Transport

Permanently changing industry trends imply that customers become more demanding. Real differentiation perceived by the customer must be created



Digital Economy and Internet

The regular arrival of new players calls for a perpetual self-questioning. The opportunities are substantial and need to be taken quickly


Real Estate and Construction

There are many players, the industry faces regular market fluctuations and needs a structure giving access to the right customer at the right place and at the right time


Finance and Insurance

Players regularly face radical changes in their markets. To overcome them, they regularly need innovative business models and clear strategies



E-commerce and E-services

Construct reputation quickly and build an efficient global logistics system. Both of these aspects combined with a suitable e-marketing are the keys to success in this industry


Medical and Health related

This industry is very dynamic and characterized by technological advances for which cost management and organization are often critical


Public sector & non-profit organizations

Complex industry which does not necessarily respond to the same market signals as the private sector. Organizational flexibility often has a noticeable advantage



The client remains at the center of attention in this highly competitive industry. It requires effective strategies and efficient technology integrations



The relatively low margins require optimum operating processes. Vision and long term logistics process orientation are crucial