M Strategic Analysis ©

Strategic Audit Tool

"M Strategic Analysis ©" is a professional audit tool to measure the Strategic health of your business. It was developed by M & BD Consulting in order to establish a strategic diagnosis of your SME.

"M Strategic Analysis" is used to make both an internal and external diagnosis of your strategy, enabling the formulation and implementation of the most relevant strategic options.

Operation and steps

The strategic audit is conducted by an M & BD Consulting expert, independent of your company. Using "M Strategic Analysis", the expert will establish the current situation of your strategy in order to provide you a tool for taking major strategic orientations.

  1. Gathering of available information and statistics
  2. Interviews with stakeholders
  3. Analysis of market conditions and competitiveness
  4. Establishment of strategic analysis report
  5. Presentation of the report


Strategic audit steps "M strategic Analysis", M & BD Consulting  ©

What is included in the tool

Our strategic audit tool is structured along two axes; internal strategic factors and external strategic factors. The latter highlight the strategic aspects of the relevant business environment. As to the former, they focus on the strategic elements associated with the company.

Internal analysis

  • Resources assessment
  • Analysis of the Value Chain
  • Analysis of key competences
  • Performance Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Cross SWOT analysis

External analysis

  • Strategic Group Analysis
  • Find Key success factors
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Evaluation of presences strengths
  • Trend analysis

Summary and Results

  • Strategic Audit Tool
  • Carried out by an expert
  • Specific tool "M Strategic Analysis ©"
  • A full report is issued
  • Includes corporate, unit and commercial strategy
  • Option to perform only the inner or outer part


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