• "Quick Audit 67" is a professional diagnostic tool for measuring the health of your Business Development. It was developed by M & BD Consulting in collaboration with its partners in order to facilitate the initial diagnosis of your business operations through Business Development eyes.
  • It allows you to take stock of the situation in a timely and targeted manner. Indeed, with "Quick Audit 67", we offer an analysis of capturing growth opportunities elements in less than 3 hours.

L'Outil Quick Audit 67

"Quick Audit 67" includes an analysis of areas such as organization, business strategy, action plans, marketing or sales force. It states 67 points.


Sample of  internal analysis axis, Quick Audit 67 ©


  1. Highlight objective information
  2. Detect elements slowing growth
  3. Obtain a reliable audit
  4. Increase business
  5. Do more with fewer resources
  6. Be as efficient as possible within a minimal timeframe
  7. Have an optimal ratio between committed resources / results


  • Expert opinion
  • Assessment of strategic, tactical and operational level
  • 14 axis of evaluation
  • 67 points of evaluation
  • For SME and Startups 
  • Full Reporting

How it works

  • The review is conducted by an M & BD Consulting expert independent of your company which, using "Quick 67 Audit" will establish an inventory of the situation to identify possible areas of improvement.
  • The audit is done as a formal face-to-face meeting with decision maker(s) concerned. The assessment is divided into three parts: the first based on specific questions, the second based on appreciation of decision makers, and finally, an evaluation of the expert through a semantic differential.


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