M & BD and Management

The M & BD matrix presents the main services offered by our consulting firm. From practical observations demonstrating that a company does not work in the form of independent and entirely separated silo, we noticed that the diverse company’s activities are related to and influenced by each other. Therefore, we cannot act on one function without taking into account the others.

At M & BD Consulting we are able to undertake a project from Corporate Governance to operational implementation. Moreover, when acting on a specific function, we take systematically into account the other functions to be consistent with the different activities, to avoid conflicts between departments, to be completely coordinated, and to obtain the agreement of the various stakeholders.


The 5 stages of our approach

To get a reliable and consistent view of the requirements of each mission, and in order to be able to deliver clear and tailored solutions, we have structured our approach in five stages. According to the situation this model can be adapted.

Stage 1 – Mission Introduction

This stage is the starting point. The customer shares his analysis of the situation with us and communicates the objectives.

Stage 2 - Analysis

An analysis of the situation with the departments concerned will enable us to collect the necessary information. After that we overlay with details previously received in order to have a clear view of the situation we are facing.

Stage 3 – Solutions Development

At this level we develop detailed solution plans that best meet the target of the mission. These are intended to set the optimal solution to the situation.

Stage 4 – Implementation

At this stage the recommendations are implemented. In other words, we move from the theory to practice. The implementation can be fully delegated to us or alternatively, we are able to act as a support. An active participation of the decision makers is critical to success.

Stage 5 – Follow-up

It is essential to oversee a follow up activity with relevant indicators and implement the necessary changes or corrective measures at any time if necessary.


Additional Information

Throughout the process, we are regularly in touch with our company contact.

Each stage is discussed and validated by our customers before moving to the next step. The outcomes of stage 2 and 3 are expressed in a report, those of step 4 and 5 are elaborated in the form of field activity.

The duration of each stage depends on the mission and objectives thereof, and is defined with the client before the start of the activity.

In order to give the project the highest probability of success it is extremely important for us to offer our services in each of the different stages of the process. However, for various reasons, our clients may decide to entrust us with one or more stages.