A Word from the Founder

I would like to welcome you to a world of excellence, the M&BD Consulting world.

Nowadays, corporate life is continuously changing. Different business cycles tend to shorten more and more, while they create faster changing key success factors.

Competition is increasingly strong and is progressively more difficult to be detected. The power balance between continents is shifting. The complexity of legislation, or the professionalization of certain industries accelerates this phenomenon. To be effective and efficient in our markets, we need to continuously adapt to new standards and foresee future trends. I believe that it is only by achieving these goals we can seize on opportunities, and rely on stable and sustainable growth.

In light of this, I am convinced that being good is not enough - we must be excellent. I deeply believe we all achieve this excellence through a process of continuous reassessment. The consulting firm that I created with its solution orientation, tailored approach and neutral perspective, leads to this Excellence.

My partners and I, are committed to providing excellence to our clients.

Thank you for your trust and your interest in M&BD Consulting

Elvis Gonzalez
Founder of M&BD Consulting

Founder's Introduction

ElvisGonzalez_MBDConsulting_Manager.jpgElvis Gonzalez is the founder of M&BD Consulting. He is an expert in Business Development and Management with over 15 years experience impacting various companies regionally, nationally and globally. An accomplished leader, with vast experience in large groups, SMEs and Startups. His career has led him to work on missions such as: strategic management, new market entry, international development, management of distribution channels, multidimensional positioning, strategic axis and operational implementation.

Elvis has a strong academic background coupled with solid and rich training, both theoretical and practical. He holds a BA in Economics and an MBA in International Management from the University of Geneva. He is also in possession of various Management, Sales & Marketing diplomas and a DES in Strategy and Business Management. In addition, he has strong professional and academic experience in English, backed up with two mother tongues; French and Spanish.

He founded the firm M&BD Consulting to promote a tailored approach. Leading to the optimal solution for a company in a given situation, at a given moment. He envisaged a consulting firm "Motivated by Excellence" with strong values. In order to do so, he relies on a network of consultants and experts who have recognized common values, and share the same vision and motivation for consultation and excellence.