Who we are

At M&BD Consulting, we are dedicated to delivering consulting services with an outstanding degree of client satisfaction - we strive to meet, even go beyond customers’ expectations. To achieve this, for us is a perpetually innovative process.

We are a consulting firm not like any other. Our working model is a 100% “tailor-made approach”. Therefore, we continually adapt to your needs – we work on your strengths using what has been successful. Taking into account industry best practices and your environment, all in order to optimize your operation. Our objective is to create a model, a plan and a specific tool for your company.

Our way of working is based on a close collaboration with various departments in order to establish positive synergies that will lead to tangible results, and the success of your projects.

The ultimate goal is to achieve success by providing implementable solutions to your market, your environment and your organization. 

Our Philosophy

The M&BD Consulting philosophy is based on the logic of quality of service, and long-standing partnerships with our clients. Particular emphasis is placed on the transparency of our activities, while putting in place effective and efficient processes in order to create value for our customers. We make it a point of honor to be objective and honest in the advice given; we deliver in all circumstances.

Our Values

Our clients’ success is our success. For this reason we must play a key role in our clients’ accomplishments.

Finding solutions in complicated and complex situations that contribute to the achievement of our customers' objectives; this is our definition of success. 

We are a company guided by values, hence at any time:

  • The customer’s interest takes precedence over our own interest 
    Our aim is to deliver value while remaining impartial and maintaining an outside view.  This 
    allows us to put the customer’s interest at the heart of our priorities.
  • Professional honesty is preserved
    We communicate with our clients in an honest way, in so much as we deliver our analysis as we perceive the situation, and from a professional standpoint.
  • The confidentiality of customers’ information is maintained
    We do not disclose any sensitive information to third parties - your details remain completely confidential.
  • The transparency of our work
    We communicate and keep our clients aware of relevant information throughout the project.
  • We are professionals
    At any time we maintain a professional and respectful attitude with our customers while preserving our integrity.

Our Mission Statement

Execute the projects entrusted to us using all our skills, our ideas and our expertise in order to add value and earn the trust of our customers.

Our Brand

The logo is symbol of growth, innovation, perfection and perpetual search for new solutions. The growth curve represents our desire to find a balance between what M&BD Consulting can bring and the objectives of our clients.

The colors: the light blue of our company represents two predominant values at M&BD Consulting; transparency and professionalism. As for dart blue, it represents the dynamism with which we meet the needs of our customers, the long run stability and the success we are reaching for.

The name M&BD Consulting, is an abbreviation of what is our core business; M for Management Consulting and BD for Business Development Consulting.