For decades when talking about innovation people too often tend to associate it solely with new technologies or launch of revolutionary products. Fortunately for the companies, it is not limited to that. Innovation can be present in every departments and divisions of the firm. It can take on several forms and be related to the market approach, communication, management, internal processes, organization, business models, or even corporate strategy.

Innovation is a key factor of the competitiveness and is therefore, on principle, the capacity of finding new, original or even revolutionary solutions.

In most of the cases, today’s companies, whether they are SME or large companies, are able to initiate numerous forms of innovation. Nevertheless, the innovation potentials of companies would deserve to be even better exploited than what they currently are. This is the task; the development of the innovation potential of companies; to which our firm devotes its efforts since several years by

Setting up innovation processes
Bringing creative management tools
Offering innovative strategic solutions

In a concrete way, continuously innovating is essential to any entity that wants to survive in an economic market that becomes more and more competitive. M & BD Consulting aims at offering you advices and their fully tailored implementation in terms of innovation. These advices are intended to any type of company or organization.

Our offers of support

  • Business Innovation Assessment ©

    Assessment, which enables to evaluate the maturity level of innovation of an organization

  • Interventions and events

    Interventions and creations of events that boost the innovation process

  • Innovation workshops

    Practice oriented workshops dedicated to innovation within organizations

  • Innovative cells

    Creation and implementation of contagion’s organism of innovation










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