Business Innovation Assessment ©

“Business Innovation Assessment ©” is a unique assessment tool of the innovative maturity of organizations. Its main purpose is to evaluate the current and future capacity of an organization to generate innovation.

Structure of the BIA © assessment

Assessment necessity

This full assessment will allow situating and categorizing the company on the innovation scale at a certain point of time. Then, during updates of the situation spaced apart in time, it will be possible to measure the gaps and therefore to evaluate the impacts of the actions implemented.

The innovation capacity assessment of the company is a picture at a time T of the creative potential across all the organization’s departments. It gives a precise idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the actors, who face innovation, and their release conditions. This assessment is essential before any project, which aims at the creation of an innovation culture. It enables leaning on existing basis to build serenely changes in order to reach the objectives set.

What can bring a Business Innovation Assessment?

  • It enables to fix an instantaneous picture
  • It allows a situation awareness
  • It allows a basis of comparative measure
  • It is often the first step in the innovation process
  • It already enables to initiate changes and to set objectives
  • It is useful to make the good decisions regarding an innovative strategy
  • It enables to establish a strategic dashboard
  • It allows to ask the good questions

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