We aim at offering advices fully tailored in terms of innovation, as well as interventions adapted to any organization. In addition, we organize events in line with the creation process of an innovation culture.

We can suggest you events such as: a play-based and discovery day of innovation, a creativity workshop, a day of collaborative innovation or another theme tailor-made, a debate conference, etc.


Our clients often solicit our services because they have one or more interrogations. Generally, the major questionings are the following:

  • What are the prerequisites that favor the success of innovation?
  • What are the main causes for an innovation not to end up successfully?
  • Which factors favor the development of the collaborators’ creativity?
  • As a manager, how can I manage an innovative team?
  • How can I transform my company into an auto innovative organization?
  • How is it possible that as many great ideas do not have favorable outcome?

We provide answers and offer concrete implementation solutions to all of these interrogations and many others.

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