Why develop internationally?

The globalization of competition is often considered as a strong factor leading to increased competition on one's home territory - and rightly so. Yet, it also offers you opportunities to develop in other markets that might have been, so far, out of reach.

Therefore, going international offers you new opportunities to increase / develop your market, and, consequently, growth perspectives.

At the same time, it also offers potential knowledge enhancement that may translate into improvements in your products, services, suppliers, and costs management, among others.

Our Internationalization services

M & BD Consulting offers you internationalization services suitable for any kind of business. Our services cover the whole range of requirements you will face when making your company international. We act in the following areas:

  • Preparation workshop: "Executive Briefing"
  • Selecting Markets Access
  • Adapting the Organization Structure
  • International Strategies
  • Optimizing Global Synergies
  • Multicultural Management

How do we proceed ?

We have developed a 6-steps model, which provides optimum guidance throughout the internationalization process:

  1. Preparation workshop
  2. Options and markets assessment
  3. Internationalization strategy development
  4. Organization structure implementation
  5. Strategy implementation
  6. Internationalization process follow-up and assessment

Our expertise

M & BD Consulting is committed to helping our clients create value added for the various stakeholders, while providing them with realistic and workable solutions.

  • We help businesses meet the major challenges on their market, adapt, and make the best of opportunities that may arise.
  • To that effect, we rely upon our in-depth knowledge of the internationalization process, of international strategies, and of global markets.  

    Our broad expertise allows us to provide businesses with efficient advice, and to bring them contents and solutions adapted to their market. 

    Our expertise on Internationalization,  based on both theory and practice, and combined with knowledge of the various  businesses of a company, is a valuable asset when it comes to helping companies make the best decisions.


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