Leadership & HR

One of the predominant, even crucial, elements of a company's success, is the value of the men and women it consists of. Within an organization are found exceptional co-workers, others that are just performing, and some slightly less.  The role of any leader is to try to gather the best ones, then to cope with the rest. 

We offer consulting and services intended for your company, that allow  to meet the current challenges in terms of leadership and human resources management. 

We strive to strengthen your organization with tools that are essential to make easier turns to cope with innovation, globalisation, and continuous change.

Our services

M & BD Consulting offers you its expertise in the following areas:

  • Intercultural Management

  • We bring efficient solutions for intercultural cooperation within your company, here, and throughout the world.

    Each company faces a multitude of cultures. Today, even the smallest companies work with people from various, different cultures, if only through their clients or suppliers.

    We support your company, within and outside its structure, to unite these various cultures, thus consequently improving the efficiency of intercultural exchanges. As a result, your employees act upon appropriate information, as well as associated skills.

  • Decentralization of Decision Authority

  • There is a natural tendency to keep the decision-making  power close to oneself. However, it is difficult to understand all of the issues, as well as the actual situation in the local market, to make the right decision.

    We have developed systems to organize the decision-making power, thus offering the possibility to locate it where knowledge is, and to react to the local conditions. We also have the capability to implement a system to transcribe the « Think Global and Act Local » motto in your company.

  • The Leadership

  • A company cannot operate on its own, except when declining. Therefore, your company needs competent managers, and ideally, leaders. This is true in all situations, and all the more so if your company is willing to grow and/or conquer market shares. 

    This is why M & BD Consulting has developed tools aimed at increasing the leadership of both people and organizations.

  • Talent Management

  • How can you detect, as fast as possible, the rare breed that will ensure performance in your company in the upcoming years? And once in the staff, how will you manage and keep them in the long run?

    We offer you preparation seminars to bring you the knowledge required for that discovery. Moreover, we have developed a comprehensive program to detect, select, and manage the talents that can be implemented in your company.

  • Training

  • We help you develop and upgrade the management skills of a group or a person in  periods of change such as preparing to enter a new market, implementing a new company strategy, or an important change in the organization. The aim is to set up a method enabling the group or the person to reach their now objectives more easily, through additional theory elements and follow-up. 

    We pride ourselves on implementing an entrepreneurial culture in every company.

Our expertise

M & BD Consulting is committed to helping our clients create value added for the various stakeholders, while providing them with realistic and workable solutions.

  • We help businesses meet the major challenges on their market, adapt, and make the best of opportunities that may arise.
  • To that effect, we rely upon our in-depth knowledge of the leadership, of intercultural management, and of talent management.  

    Our broad expertise allows us to provide businesses with efficient advice, and to bring them contents and solutions adapted to their market. 

    Our expertise on Leadership, based on both theory and practice, and combined with knowledge of the various  businesses of a company, is a valuable asset when it comes to helping companies make the best decisions.


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