Marketing & Digital Marketing

Why use Marketing?

First of all, a sound implementation of appropriate marketing tools in your organization will allow you to better understand your market and its requirements. Then, in a second phase, these marketing tools will stimulate and trigger a strong demand for your products or services.

We offer you tailored marketing consulting, based upon practice and success. We will support you in developing a strategy, implementing and executing your projects.

Our « Marketing & Digital Marketing » Services

We offer you Marketing & Digital Marketing services intended for your company. Our services cover the whole spectrum of Marketing requirements a modern company needs. We mostly act in the following areas:

  • Marketing Evaluation

  • A Marketing Evaluation will not only provide you with information that is essential, or even indispensable, but will also reduce uncertainties and risks attached to previsions. It is also provides invaluable help in decision-making:

    • Environnement Analysis: anticipating its evolution
    • Market Analysis: understanding the demand and placing the offer
    • Potential Analysis: Analysing the potential of products/services or projects
  • Marketing Strategy

  • The purpose of the Marketing Strategy is to match supply with demand (whether implied or expressed) for a given product or service. Its purpose is to influence potential consumers, and to define products or services. In Marketing Strategy, we mostly work on the following aspects:

    • Segmentation and Targeting
    • Positioning set-up
    • Drawing an Action Plan
    • Designing Product Strategy
    • Designing Distribution Strategy
    • Designing Pricing Strategy
    • Designing Communication Strategy
  • Market Researches

  • We research, analyze, and measure the forces at work on your market, so as to understand the requirements and expectations of your clients and prospects. We also offer to set up systems that allow to receive, manage, and exploit market data. Our main services are as follows:

    • Marketing Information Systems setup
    • Market Research (Commercial)
    • Marketing watch system setup
  • Marketing Planning

  • We have the required skills to set up marketing planning, complemented and coordinated with all the activities of your company. More commonly referred to as "Marketing plan", it compiles all the steps of the marketing process, thus allowing practical application of marketing.

  • Digital Marketing

  • We help you create, improve, and make more professional client relationship through digital communication channels, while taking into account your global strategy. We support your commercial activity by developing and implementing Digital Marketing strategies and campaigns, making use of modern communication tools.

Our expertise

M & BD Consulting is committed to helping our clients create value added for the various stakeholders, while providing them with realistic and workable solutions.

  • We help businesses meet the major challenges on their market, adapt, and make the best of opportunities that may arise.
  • To that effect, we rely upon our in-depth knowledge of the various strategic levels, of the marketing steps, and of marketing planning.  

    Our broad expertise allows us to provide businesses with efficient advice, and to bring them contents and solutions adapted to their market. 

    Our expertise on Marketing, based on both theory and practice, and combined with knowledge of the various  businesses of a company, is a valuable asset when it comes to helping companies make the best decisions.


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