Organization Consulting

Why have a good organization

Whether it was made on purpose or not, any company has an organization. Maybe it was inherited from an intention, in the past, to implement a specific kind of organization and associated processes?

In most cases, however, this kind of organization was set up over the years, by increments, and generally as separated sections.  

Yet, a good organization, as a whole, allows to face upcoming challenges (such as changes in technology or in regulations, or increased competition in the market) better, so as to remain competitive.

Our services

M & BD Consulting offers you its expertise in the following areas:

  • Organization Assessment

  • As for most intentions/wishes for evolution and improvement, the first step consists of a systematic analysis and assessment of the current organization. 

    M & BD Consulting has analysis tools to define and map your organization's current situation.

  • Organization Design & Implementation

  • The future success of companies depends, in part, on the efficiency (robustness) of their organization's structure. It must be robust enough to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges (strategy changes, competition pressure, changes in demand, fluctuating performance…).

    Capability to meet new challenges is dictated by the organization's structural flexibility, by its processes, and by the quality of its staff. 

    M & BD Consulting help companies optimize their performances by creating, adapting, and implementing  organizational structures that are well adapted to your company's situation.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Decision-making, whether strategic, tactical, or operational, is based upon available information at a given time. To make the best possible decision, this information has to be both reliable and accurate . This requires tools that are capable of compiling data in a way that provides a clear and comprehensive picture of the situation. 

    Indicators must be capable of measuring both quantitative and qualitative performances. A large variety of basic tools is available, such as "cockpits", "dashboards", or prospective dashboards.  What is really important is that the tool should fit your organization.

    M & BD Consulting develops for you indicators systems that are well suited to the situation in  your company and organization. We create custom tools that can integrate indicators such as Finance, Processes Reactivity, Products or Services Innovation, Clients Relations, or Staff Quality.

  • Decision-Making Process

  • Make decisions, and, if  possible, the right ones. To perform, a company must make decisions quickly, and implement them efficiently. Within an organization, the decision-making process must be smooth, rational, and facts-based.

    The main purpose of a good decision-making system is to avoid paralysis, which occurs way too often in decision-making, and to allow fast implementation.

    We offer and implement decision-making processes at strategic, tactical, and operational levels, that are tailored to your company. Our tools are based upon concrete arguments, yet also take  intuitive aspects into account.

  • Management System

  • Too often, internal practices within companies are separate components, resembling loosely linked silos; the consequence being a fuzzy view and a lack of understanding of operations as a whole.

    The Management System is a structure dedicated to the management of the company's strategies, procedures, and processes . The Management System makes it easier to implement strategies that will achieve the organization's various goals.

    M & BD Consulting creates management systems for your company, by integrating the various processes, performance indicators, and objectives.

  • Knowledge Management

  • While often underestimated, Knowledge Management has now unquestionably become a key factor of success and sustainability for most companies. All too often, however, knowledge management is not truly organized, which translates into a lack of available knowledge in day-to-day operations, as well as loss of knowledge in the short and long run. 

    M & BD Consulting offers you solutions adapted to your company, that will allow optimum day-to-day knowledge management, as well as knowledge capitalization.

Our expertise

M & BD Consulting is committed to helping our clients create value added for the various stakeholders, while providing them with realistic and workable solutions.

  • We help businesses meet the major challenges on their market, adapt, and make the best of opportunities that may arise.
  • To that effect, we rely upon our in-depth knowledge of the various organizational levels, of orgnisation design, and of management systems.  

    Our broad expertise allows us to provide businesses with efficient advice, and to bring them contents and solutions adapted to their market. 

    Our expertise on Organisation, based on both theory and practice, and combined with knowledge of the various  businesses of a company, is a valuable asset when it comes to helping companies make the best decisions.


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