Management Consulting

  • On the Business Development Consulting we offer consulting services that can be targeted on a specific area of improvement or more generally on the whole. In both cases, the ultimate objective is to enhance performance.
  • Our approach is based on a deep analysis of the situation that allows us to detect areas of improvement. Following this, we set up implementable enhancement plans.


Below you will find the main fields in which we operate.

  • Business Model

  • Analysis of the existing business model by putting it in parallel with industry’s best practices. Compare coherence between the business model, practical reality and other tools of the company. Companies gain enormous value and reduce risks when clear and concrete business models are put in place. In order to out-perform competitors and gain sustainability, the business model not only has to drive value proposition to high yields but, also, must offer the ability to adapt to the value proposition fluctuation.

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Assessing the current strategy and consistency with the company’s mission, competitive analysis and development process. Setting up and proposal of a complete or a partial strategy in order to create a competitive advantage.

  • Operational Improvement

  • Increase operational efficiency and quality of outcome that results in an improvement in profitability. Analysis, understanding and optimization of the operative process in departments such as sales, marketing, R & D or production.

  • Change Management

  • Guidance through significant changes that may occur in the organization, in a division or in a team. The goal is to minimize the impact during a transitional period, through tools, monitoring and reliable Key Performance Indicators. Any change is seldom easy to implement without the support of the majority of stakeholders, so it is important that they have understood the benefits and reasons for change. Changes can be strategic, operational, technological, organizational or at the company governance level.

  • Innovation Management

  • Improving innovation capability is one of the most effective ways to enhance your company's growth and profitability. We develop tools and processes that will foster innovation within your company, and will allow you to create a competitive advantage.

  • Interim Management

  • A temporary replacement of an executive. The interim manager undertakes the duties and prepares the arrival of the incoming or successor executive. The interim management service is a secure solution when a sudden departure of a key person occurs. Indeed, it is often very risky to entrust this responsibility in-house, especially executive positions. In addition, as a professional interim executive, we enter the organization with fresh eyes.

  • Transition Management

  • Provide senior executives on an interim basis during a crisis, a transition, a transformation or as support in a phase of significant change. The mission can be expanded or supplemented by notions of growth and strategic development. The transition manager is focused on accomplishing his transition goals, and is solely motivated to deliver successful outcomes.


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