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Very frequently companies have the potential to expand internationally but don’t do so due to their  concern about the legal risks implied. Some others, more audacious, start doing business abroad without any legal framework. Further small and medium enterprises without internal legal resources just opt for avoiding any legal assessment.

Certainty in the legal framework applicable to the transactions with your clients is fundamental. At the increasingly complicated international arena and when a legal issue arises, failure to have such framework is often detrimental not only economically but also to your client relationship.

In order to help companies to manage such risk, our legal expert Esther Casas  has developed  a suite of services called DBA which bundles the necessary efforts and legal advice in order to establish a legal contractual framework helping companies to do business in a more reliable fashion.

DBA has been designed with international mind and built as a result of our expert’s multinational experience. The services include grounded advice and are tailored to the specific needs of each client on a flat-fee or alternative-fee basis customized as required.

DBA includes the following services:

  • Introductory Meeting

  • Face to face meeting to gain an overview of company’s business and existing legal framework, if any.

  • Assessment

  • Evaluation of company’s business from the legal point of view and assessment of main legal contractual framework to create or amendments to execute if a legal framework already exists. 

  • Execution of Legal Contractual Framework

  • Draft of General Conditions of Sale and Sales Agreement (or amendment of existing documents) with clear terms applicable to any sale, addressing relevant international legal issues and tailored to company’s specific needs.

  • Explanatory Session

  • Face to face presentation of the main content of the documents in order to create awareness as of the relevant legal issues and inform about the way to use such documents.

DBA may be customized to company’s own business and other services may be added such as the following:

  • Draft of preparatory documents such as Memoranda of Understanding, Letters of Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • Draft of various commercial agreements such as Distribution, Agency, Purchase and Supply Agreements. 
  • Follow up for the implementation of agreements and amendment for specific markets. 

Further individual services may be also requested “à la carte”.


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