Executive Briefing

Achieve greater success in Latin America (also China & Russia)

  • Acquire all the current specialist knowledge relevant to Latin America within 24 hours

  • Qualified specialists with practical experience in marketing and internationalisation help with developing solutions for your organization that can be implemented immediately

  • Benefit from a wide range of comprehensive training material

  • Gain a broader perspective; learn from practical case studies which strategies function in Latin America

  • Each participant will be given a copy of “Global Market Strategies” published by Campus Press

  • Executive Briefings’ are available in English, German, French, and Spanish 

Your workshop lecturers

Michael Neubert

MBA and PHD in International Management

Author and university lecturer of International & Intercultural Management

Almost 20 years of practical experience as CEO in the field of International & Intercultural Management 

Elvis Gonzalez

MBA International Management (University of Geneva)

Spanish mother tongue and strong knowledge of the Latin American culture

Expert international market development


Daniel Breitenmoser

Master International Relations (University St. Gall)

Expert in the development of Latin American markets for European organisations

Lives since four years in Columbia


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Why participate in an executive briefing?

  • Internationalization is gaining increasing significance for the national economy, for you as a small or medium-sized business and for you as a manager.
  • Competitive advantages, lowering costs, developing new market potential as opportunities for growth are only a few of the vital reasons for internationalization. However, this is also a highly complex topic fraught with considerable risks. Expanding to international markets, minimizing the risk this entails and maximizing success require great skill. The first step is always the most difficult and finding the correct information to help you prepare yourself and the company is very time consuming. With this in mind, the executive briefing is meant to give you the necessary support by providing you with well-qualified information and saving you a great deal of time.

Why focus on Latin America? 

  • Latin America is a region that has 600 million inhabitants and has been growing steadily over the last decade. The IMF forecast a growth of 3.5% for the region in 2013 – despite a cyclical downswing worldwide. The countries belonging to the Pacific Alliance - and these include Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile - are of particular interest.
  • Unlike the protectionist conglomerate of Mercosur with Brazil as its driving force, the above countries rely on free trade and this has consequently enhanced their attractiveness as a trade partner and will continue to do so. In the past ten years these countries have achieved an average growth of five percent. Income per capita has risen steadily. A growing middle class with purchasing power affords opportunities to European industrial companies and companies in the consumer and luxury goods industry.

    The principal driver of the growth in Latin America is the relatively stable political situation and the increase in the export of raw materials (various metals, coal, and oil etc.). Huge increases in the price of these natural resources in the recent past as a result of growing demand, especially from China, have meant that these states have a much lower level of national debt than comparable countries (between 10 and 40 percent). This investment potential flows mainly into the infrastructure, modernizing machinery, developing new technologies and into consumption.

    Moreover, it should be borne in mind that from a cultural and linguistic point of view Latin America is closer to Europe than for example India, China or Southeast Asia – a significant advantage in establishing a business relationship.

    Mexico as a global platform

    Latin America and particularly the states within the Pacific Alliance of which Mexico is the most important and highly export-orientated country is a very attractive but also very demanding region for European companies wishing to internationalize. In addition to its own market potential and its above-average growth Mexico can be regarded as the hub for entering the market in North and South America and, due to many free trade agreements, for entering the market in Asia. 

Your workshop ’Executive Briefing’

Your advantages

  • Ensure that you too have a share in this growth market. Our ‘Executive Briefing’ is the first step in this direction. In one day only you and your colleagues will be provided with comprehensive information on Latin America that is specific to the sector and relevant with regards to practical implementation.
  • You not only receive answers to your own questions but you also receive comprehensive documentation that can be easily consulted at any time:

    • A Basic Fact Book - This document contains a great deal of important information from the point of view of an exporter.
    • A Fact Book Plus - This document complements the Basic Fact Book by providing valuable data about your own sector.
    • Practical Case Studies - You learn from the experiences of other companies.
    • A Cultural Profile - This describes the culture of a specific country and gives valuable tips on communication when contacting local partners either by phone or in writing.
    • ‘Global Market Strategies’ - Each participant will receive a printed copy and an eBook version of this bestseller on the factors for success when opening up international markets. 
  • Your investment
  • Ensure that you obtain the latest relevant information, sound knowledge and extensive expertise. Each participant (at least 8 in the course) pays only EUR 490 (excluding VAT and expenses). 

  • Your gain
  • Our Executive Briefing quickly and easily provides you with the most important, high-quality and up-to-date information relating to your target market to enable you to take well-informed decisions in the future, too. 

  • Our target audience
  • This Executive Briefing is ideally suited for those wishing to make prepare themselves suitably and efficiently for a business trip to these countries, for newcomers to the markets or also for seasoned professionals who wish to brush up and update their knowledge.

  • C2NM – the company
  • C2NM is a leading consulting, training and IT development company specializing in solutions in the field of international and intercultural management.

    We have more than twenty years of experience in helping SMBs, multinational companies, administrative bodies and non-profit organizations to deal with all international and intercultural aspects.

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