Individual creativity is specific to human being; only an individual is able to come up with a conceptual discussion then exploit it with existing ideas and/or examine it by imagining new ideas.

Nowadays innovation is crucial for the growth of companies. That is why creativity, from which is ensued innovation, is an essential element to any firm. Contrary to popular opinion, everyone can be a part of the creative process.

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn more about creativity and the factors that influence it, as well as the tools enabling its development.

Objectives of the worksop

Providing the participants with the knowledge related to creativity and the factors that influence it, as well as the tools used for its development. It includes among others the following notions:

  • Understanding what is individual creativity
  • Discovering the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that favor and restrain creativity
  • Being able to identify the creative people in order to stimulate the expression of their creativity and support them in the enrichment of their potential
  • Having tools allowing to develop creativity

Location & dates of the workshop

To be specified according to your needs and availability

Content of the workshop

Conducted by one of our experts, this workshop aims at looking over the following aspects:

1. Understanding the functioning of creativity:

  • Notion of individual creativity
  • Features of the individual that favor and restrain creativity
  • Features of the environment that favor and restrain creativity
  • Model of individual creativity

2. Discovering tools, which enable the development of creativity:

  • 6 tools used to develop creativity

Our expertise

Our vocation is to help our clients to create value for the various stakeholders, while providing them with realistic and workable solutions.

To this end, we dispense among others workshops for several years within various types of companies, and that, always with the same motivation and level of commitment. Our objective is always the same, namely providing companies with the necessary knowledge and tools for their development. All our experts have a long academic and/or practical experience and a strong expertise in the concerned field. They are recognized and often referred into their competence field.

This workshop aims at developing your knowledge but it is especially practice oriented and set the ambition to provide you with a methodology that you can apply directly in your daily activities. 


Michel Sintes

Design engineer of watch movement, co-inventor of the Daytona Rolex chronograph, project chief, Michel Sintes occupied various functions in the company, from the design to the organization of projects, as well as facilitation of team building innovation and of training in manufacturing quality.

Business consultants, facilitator and trainer, Michel has developed multiple projects and competences in the health coaching field (naturopath and coach). He created university and company’s trainings in Gestalt Therapy and creativity, in communication and management.

He has designed an original and pragmatic approach to the emotional intelligence and the creative solving of conflicts with the emotional compass.

Founder of the firm Vision Passion Action in Geneva and speaker on these themes, Michel is the creator of the Eco Business Management ®, a support process to excellence based on human being’s functioning, its adaptation and its strategy to face the competition and the environment.

Co-author of “L’innovation à l’ère des réseaux” (collective work) Hermes Sciences Publishing, Londres, 2004,

Co-author of the book “l’art de développer son réseau relationnel” Jouvence editions

Michel Sintes speaks in the companies and universities in Switzerland, France and Africa.

Elvis Gonzalez

Elvis Gonzalez is the founder of M & BD Consulting. He is an expert in Strategic and Operational Management with over 15 years experience impacting various companies regionally, nationally and globally. An accomplished leader, with vast experience in large groups, SMEs and Startups. His career has led him to work on missions such as: strategic management, new market entry, international development, management of distribution channels, multidimensional positioning, strategic axis and operational implementation.

Elvis has a strong academic background coupled with solid and rich training, both theoretical and practical. He holds a BA in Economics and an MBA in International Management from the University of Geneva. He is also in possession of various Management, Sales & Marketing diplomas and a DES in Strategy and Business Management. In addition, he has strong professional and academic experience in English, backed up with two mother tongues; French and Spanish. 

He founded the firm M & BD Consulting to promote a tailored approach. Leading to the optimal solution for a company in a given situation, at a given moment. He envisaged a consulting firm "Motivated by Excellence" with strong values. In order to do so, he relies on a network of consultants and experts who have recognized common values, and share the same vision and motivation for consultation and excellence.

Practical information

Date: To be specified

Duration: 2 days

Location: Switzerland or abroad

Price: CHF 490 per day and participant

Provided materials

  • All the necessary material


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